It’s Elementary

Sirena Pennuca designer of Elemental Earth Designs takes a fascinating blend of natural stones and fabrics and combines them to create casual but trendy jewelry. Shown below is the “Beads and Bows” in leopard. Jasper beads strung on a natural cord culminate in a polka dot bow tied at the side. This set comes in … Continue reading

Elemental Earth Designs keeps us “Spellbound”

We know the theme for Jewelry Fair 2010 was “Beauty and the Beast” and I am about to show you a necklace that brings the fairytale to life for all of us.  The rose in the glass is a classic element in the fairy tale, as it acts as a countdown to the Beast’s 21st birthday…if … Continue reading

Fierce Designs is well, Fierce!

Ahhhh Jewelry Fair, how many ways do I love thee… many designers, so many jewels, so little time left to see it all.  So tonight’s offering from my trips through Jewelry Fair 2010 is from Sally Soleil of Fierce Designs.  I’ve got a few things to show you, so sit back, relax, and just try … Continue reading

Ganked is Bold in Gold at Jewelry Fair 2010

Ganked wowed me again with their offerings at Jewelry Fair 2010, some of the new pieces are shown below The Lunatics Fringe Necklace brings together bold gems with textured metal to create a collar that will stand out and capture the attention of beasts and beauties alike. Peach and blue gems surround a posture collar … Continue reading

A Walk on the Dark Side

      Dark.  Sexy. Dangerous.  Those are just some of the words you could use to describe the creative efforts of Soraya Vaher, the genius behind the Violator brand. I love the energy and drama that she brings to her clothing line and was very excited to see the same vitality brought to her new line of … Continue reading

Sneak Peeks!

Well Jas, Marc, and I did indeed wander around the jewelry fair last night, and well poor Marc is in trouble cause Jasmine has a shopping list. (So does Marc, but I won’t tell). So a few quick peeks just to whet your appetite, I love the builds and atmosphere. I was so tempted to … Continue reading

Jewelry Fair 2010!!

YAY!!! It’s almost time for Jewelry Fair! Kat and I will be heading in shortly to see what the fantastic jewelers of SL have created for our wearing pleasure   so I’m sure we’ll be back with lots to blog! Jewelry Fair starts October 8 and will run until October 17th, with 4 sims of awesomeness … Continue reading