Fierce Designs is well, Fierce!

Ahhhh Jewelry Fair, how many ways do I love thee… many designers, so many jewels, so little time left to see it all.  So tonight’s offering from my trips through Jewelry Fair 2010 is from Sally Soleil of Fierce Designs.  I’ve got a few things to show you, so sit back, relax, and just try and hang on to your wallet..

Fierce Goth Set

Thinking of strolling the darker path? Then the Goth Set from Fierce is perfect.  Including necklace, ring, bracelets, lip piercings and eyebrow ring, and a belly ring (not shown), this set offers a complete look for one great price. 

If you like the look of facial piercings but don’t want such extreme hardware, then the next set will be perfect.  Shown below is the Simple Piercings Set.

Simple Piercings

This set comes in both Gold and Silver and includes two eyebrow piercings, a nose ring, and a lip bar. 

The Expensive Set

Now this set guarantees that you’ll look like a million bucks as you head out for an evening of romance.  This is aptly named, The Expensive Set…just look at the size of the diamonds that went into making this! I want this set in real life too, lol! Expensive includes the bracelets, choker, nose piercing, and earrings…and despite its name, it really wont break your linden bank!

The Love Birds

This was one of my favorite sets…The Love Birds.  Since Fierce Designs’ jewelry is transferrable, this might make a nice gift for a loved one.  I love the darling birds taking wing on your ears, holding up a smoky topaz stone….and the two lovebirds kissing as they sit in the cage…soooooo cute!

Family Footprints *Best Friends*

Here’s another necklace that is absolutely perfect for gift giving.  This is actually one in a series named “Family Footprints” and I’ve chosen the “Best Friend” to wear (cause where would I be without my Kat?) It’s actually a mini picture frame that you can drop a photo of your friend in and wear to show how much you love them.  There are Family Footprint necklaces for sisters, moms, families, aunts, so plenty of choices for gift giving and making your loved one feel special.

Feelin' Froggy

For those that don’t know….I LOVE frogs….I mean, I looooooooove them….so when I saw this set…..I had to have it. It just makes me smile… Of course, I won’t turn down a kiss or two if someone decides to obey the sign.. hehehe.

I’m not sure but I think Kat has some more Fierce goodies coming your way soon as well, but before she gets on here and posts, make sure you visit the Village Sim of the Jewelry Fair and pick up some of the goodies….you can also join the subscribo group for updates and gifts!

Happy Shopping!


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