Ganked is Bold in Gold at Jewelry Fair 2010

Ganked wowed me again with their offerings at Jewelry Fair 2010, some of the new pieces are shown below

The Lunatics Fringe Necklace brings together bold gems with textured metal to create a collar that will stand out and capture the attention of beasts and beauties alike. Peach and blue gems surround a posture collar of brushed gold, while spiral twists of that same gold create the fringe which gives this unusual piece its name. You would have to be a lunatic to pass this one up.

Is it jewelry? Is it clothing? The Deco Necklace is both! So perfect when you might want a more covered look that still grabs attention.

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A thin translucent material is topped by a gold lapel shape held together by graduated gem buttons. For added effect each singular gems is color change by simple touch, creating a myriad of possibilities to mix and match with your favorite outfit.

And with Beauty’s Revenge , Misti Merryman the creative force behind Ganked, explores Belle’s not so fragile side.

Chain links hold our roses and leaves together in an intricate interwoven design. The roses consist of multicolored petals surrounding a gem center, while you can almost feel the tiny prickles from the realistic leaves.

Time is running out so visit the Jewelry Fair today and grab some of the unique creations, and please remember to give generously to Oxfam International.


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