Sneak Peeks!

Well Jas, Marc, and I did indeed wander around the jewelry fair last night, and well poor Marc is in trouble cause Jasmine has a shopping list. (So does Marc, but I won’t tell).

So a few quick peeks just to whet your appetite, I love the builds and atmosphere. I was so tempted to don a Belle costume and go strolling about the fairgrounds, and omg those mountains you see in the distance are REALLY mountains!! … umm ok I digress. Our first peek goes to Grogo’s Gadgets.

What could be more classically Beauty and the Beast than a rose trapped in glass, this “American Beauty” bud is also color change so you can have your rose of choice

Our next choice is the Timeless bracelet, Bold, yet classic design combine to give us an exquisite wrist adornment:

And our last but most certainly not least offering from Grogo is GG Pearls – multicolor, a hud controlled triple strand , here I have chosen to show it in a variety of purple and fuchsia hues,

Each strand can be color changed as well as the clasp adornment giving you an infinite number of choices

Grogo’s Gadgets can be found at the Jewelry Fair in the beautifully decorated forest on the south parcel. And please remember the Oxfam cause this years charity.


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