Elemental Earth Designs keeps us “Spellbound”

We know the theme for Jewelry Fair 2010 was “Beauty and the Beast” and I am about to show you a necklace that brings the fairytale to life for all of us.  The rose in the glass is a classic element in the fairy tale, as it acts as a countdown to the Beast’s 21st birthday…if he had not found true love by the time he turned 21 and the rose shed all its petals, he would forever be enchanted as the Beast. 

Sirena Penucca, of Elemental Earth Designs, created the “Spellbound” necklace based around that design of the enchanted rose. 


This necklace was one of ten chosen designs to be featured on a Jewelry Fair special with the fair coordinators on Treet TV.  As you can see, the details of this necklace are quite beautiful. The beauty of Spellbound goes even deeper than it’s appearance (not unlike that of Belle in the story).  This necklace is meant to be a gift to a treasured friend or loved one.  Spellbound has the special ability to give messages to its wearer from its giver, that may be displayed either publicly or privately.  If it is set to private, only the wearer will be able to view the message, and any one else who tries to retrieve it will be denied.  The message is also able to be reset countless number of times so your sweetheart can always leave you a sweet reminder. It is truly a beautiful and interactive gift for a loved one.


Visit the Bavarian styled village sim of the Jewelry Fair to find Elemental Earth Designs and the treasures that Sirena Penucca has created for you ….. and be prepared to create your own fairy tale with “Spellbound”.


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