A Walk on the Dark Side

      Dark.  Sexy. Dangerous.  Those are just some of the words you could use to describe the creative efforts of Soraya Vaher, the genius behind the Violator brand. I love the energy and drama that she brings to her clothing line and was very excited to see the same vitality brought to her new line of jewelry.
 The first piece I’m going to show is the special collection created expressly for the jewelry fair theme, “The Punk, The Ruff, and the Beast” in Gold/Black.

The Punk, the Ruff, and the Beast

This is a three piece set including collar, cuff, and earrings.  It is a dark set, perfect for an edgy addition to some fetishwear….or even better as a dangerous compliment to a couture gown.  This is the set that you need to express your inner beast.    Each spike is meticulously placed, the textures are perfect, and the set is easlily fit via a resize menu.  “The Punk, the Ruff, and the Beast” is also available at the jewelry fair in platinum and in black.
Next, I’ll show the Cabinet des Antiques in Antique Gold.

Cabinet des Antiques

I love this piece.  The hammered gold look of the cuffs and collar, the chains and leash-like ribbon hanging from the collar ….all say that this is the jewelry Beauty wears when she’s feeling naughty.  “Cabinet” is sold in Black Gold, Black Silver, and as shown in the Antique Gold.  
Take a walk on the darker side of the fairytale with Violator, located at the jewelry fair on the Beast’s Castle sim.  Make sure you stay tuned, Kat has more Violator to show you within the next few days..
Oh, and be sure to pick up your Violator umbrella while your strolling through the fair…
Happy Shopping!

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