Jasmine Night

Why do you like to blog?

LOL, well, I love fashion, I love writing, and I love taking pictures.  Blogging is the best way for me to express myself.

What are some of your favorite things to do?

Like Sylar, I love exploring, shopping, photography, occasionally spinning some tunes, coming up with new ways to do SL hunts,  walking the runway, modeling, and just hanging out with my friends.

What brought you to Second Life?

*Sigh* The Sims Online (RIP).  I started playing  TSO , where I met Marcus.  We then moved into There.com (also RIP) and ultimately transitioned to Second Life.  We took a break from SL for awhile and went back to TSO til it closed down and then came back and got into my SL dream of modeling.

What do you most like to blog?

jewelry…hair…..skin…clothes…LOL everything?


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