Solidea Folies : New Release

I love discovering “new to me” stores.  It’s one of the greatest things about Second Life, wandering into a new store and journeying into someone else’s imagination. I think I fell in love when I wandered through Mila Tatham’s store, Solidea Folies.  Her store is chock full of unique hats and head decor…even a bit of hair.  Here’s a glimpse of Mila’s newest releases ..just see if they don’t spark your imagination as well…

First I’ll show the Hugo Headpieces.  The Hugo’s come in a couple differnt colors: silver, white, or brown.  

This is truly wearable art and it definately makes a statement. It’s strong, yet allows your own femininity to peek through as well.

In the above photo, I’m wearing the pieces included in the Octopus set.  Each piece is sold separately: the Octopus collar, armpieces, and hat.  Octopus also comes in black and brown.  When I put on the white version, I was taken with the idea of pairing it with a wedding dress…so I did, with a fantastic effect I think.

If you haven’t visited Solidea Folies, now would be the time.  As mentioned in the previous post, Solidea Folies is also participating in the Monthly Deal event.


Happy Shopping!



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