Queenly Hearts

This post is all about love, now wait, I know Valentine’s Day is over, but I am speaking of a different type of love here.  This post is about designers who love their craft, designers whose meticulous attention to detail means even when they offer gifts or special priced items, they offer the best of their talents.  Alienbear Gupte of Alienbear Jewelry is one such designer. On the grid since the early days of SL Alienbear has honed her talent while still maintaining her love for her customers as well as her craft, and nothing shows it as well as her Valentines offerings. Shown below is just an example.

The Queen Posesiva set was first offered in 2009 made by Alienbear in honor of her SL’s grandmothers wedding, by popular demand she is now offering the set in a gorgeous ruby and platinum setting, and to top it off the necklaces (one of which is shown above), earrings, and scepter (not shown) are all available at the unbelievable price of 50L each during the month of February. The crown is alos available at a deeply discounted price, but if you want to know the secret of obtaining this special piece you will have to visit Alienbear’s Valentine Heart’s section.

To continue with the love theme I chose to wear Tres Beau’sValentine“, which is Kimmera Madison’s Lucky Chair offering this month,  Kimmera’s love of designing is just one of the reason’s you will find me and other’s patiently waiting (or not so patiently teleporting in men with odd initials) for that letter change. Studio Nails’ Anastasia Magic had the perfect compliment in her Valentine hunt gift “Red Heart“.  Top it all of with Tabata Jewell’s of Vanity Hair Valentine”s  gift “Heart HP” in red and you will see why we love our designers as much as they love us!


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