52 Weeks of Color – Emerald

I loved the color challenge this week! I knew exactly where I was going to take my picture and exactly what jewelry I was going to wear…if I could only find the right outfit……/me hits slight stumbling block, quickly overcome. For the location I had in mind, I decided I needed a WOW! dress and headed out shopping. I came up with…….

Welcome to the Emerald City

I looooooove the Serafina gown from PurpleMoon (seriously, I have it in 4 colors, I just think it’s so gorgeous) and when I saw that it came in the perfect shade of emerald….SCORE!!!! I feel like one of the Witches in Oz  (a good one, of course).  With the emerald, I felt I really needed to wear a red hair and of course PurpleMoon has some beautiful hairbase attachments, that also include the hairbase itself.  I tossed on my jewelry from Aluinn and also (I love that add option) Dahlinks, prim nails from PurpleMoon, makeup from Glamorize, and I was ready to visit the Magic of Oz….now if only I can find my Wizard….

See you all next week……black!


skin: Glam Affair – Jadis Tan Gold
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Spanish Moss
Makeup: Glamorize -Simply Subtle Eye (jungle) and Just a kiss lips  (Garnet)
Gown: PurpleMoon – Serafina in Emerald
Hair: PurpleMoon – Dax in Red Wine
Jewelry: Aluinn – Avalon Set in Silver and Emerald
Dahlinks – Captive Heart -Drop Chain- Emerald
Pose: !bang
4 Responses to “52 Weeks of Color – Emerald”
  1. You really did find WOW… that pic is awesome! It looks magical and exotic, as well as extremely beautiful!!! What wizard could resist you in that!!!

  2. You look beautiful! Go get your wizard!

  3. Luna Jubilee says:

    what a stunning photo — love all the colors, they just pop! ❤

  4. WOW! I just came across this post and what a wonderful surprise! I am so happy you found the gown you were looking for. That colors looks really good on you. Thnak you so much! =D

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