A touch of sensuality

Sensuality is a way of fully experiencing life through awareness, presence, and an exploration of our senses. Close your eyes and imagine the soft rustle of silk as it glides over your skin, the cool touch of satin beneath your fingertips, the taste of a strawberry as you bite down into it. Bringing such pleasures to us in Second Life is the Touch of Sensuality Hunt, running from January 30th to February 28th.  This is not a free hunt, the gifts are priced at 10L but they are definitely worth more.  Here are some of the lovely accessories that I found within it.

>MZ< Animation

Hunt sponsor and starting location, >MZ< Animation  had this windblown hair in their rose petal. It comes in several colors and also has an animated hair pose in it. The Lush pearl earrings are a gift from Morantique.

Studio Nails and MCD

Studio Nails offers us a delightful set of beautiful red heart nails.  MCD’s  gift is the ToS Gemmed Feather Navel Bindi.  This lovely piece of jewelry also comes with a HUD to change the metal and gems within. I will also mention that the Amore Lingerie in Lavender is also a hunt gift from Amacci.

Mary Jane Shoes

I love the Mary Jane Shoes in this hunt.  You can’t really tell in the picture but  there’s  a lovely sparkled bow and trim around these sky-scraping heels.  They also come with a hud to easily color match your feet, resize, and change metals and nail polishes.


N@N@ Home & Shop

I love the lines in this jewelry set from *N@N@*  home & shop.  It’s long sinuous curves evoke a sensory memory of the lines of a woman.  The long earrings are perfect to highlight the curve of a long neck and the length of the necklace allows itself to be framed by a lovely decolletage.

Aurora Borealis Jewelry

And lastly, I have the Touch of Sensuality pearl set from Aurora Borealis Jewelry.  It is a beautiful set, the pearls are delicately luminescent and tinted in a pale pale pink.  Not only do they drape perfectly in the front, but they drape down your back as well, for a very stimulating view.

There are only 51 stores in the Touch of Sensuality Hunt , and is well worth the time  to go and visit these stores.  You can visit the blog for it here for hints, slurls, and some more pictures of some of the gifts.


Happy hunting!


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