Fashionably Bald

So Jasmine messages me a couple days ago, “We gotta do this challenge!”, and once I saw what it was, then I had the problem of  “ok sooo umm what am I going to blog?”

After a bit of inventory and soul searching I decided to stretch the parameters of this blog just a bit, and use my favorite “accessories”

With the time for RFL 2011 fast approaching, I thought that maybe a little message to the Relay Volunteers group might round me up a few “accessories”. Wendy Swenson, Moonraven Moonites, Rosa Brianna, Morgan Kincess, Jennifer Curtau, and Blynn Heron all pictured above, gladly packed away their prim hair in support of Miss Shellbee.  This photo courtesy Morgan Kincess was taken outside of Hope Haven located on ACS Island, its a beautiful sim where you can relax, meditate, obtain information on cancer and also find out the ways that you can become involved.

For my “bald” look I chose Aimesi Hairbase Curls1 in Blonde, I am also wearing Aimesi Lashes3. The make-up is Kiko Life Remix Berry Baby lips and eyeshadow “Like a Boy”, add Poetic Colors dark tone eyes in lava dust and you too will be fashionable regardless of the length of your locks.

The jewelry shown is a set by Deliziosa Vendetta of Gems and Kisses so fitting for this post not only because Gems and Kisses maintains a Relay for Life Team but also because the set is aptly named Humanity.

For you Miss Shellbee and for all of you facing the dreaded chemo, we stand with you Bold, Bald, and  Beautiful!

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3 Responses to “Fashionably Bald”
  1. missshellbee says:

    Thank you so much for joining in Katina and for including so many friends to join in. It really is awesome to see the energy put forth on this challenge. It actually helps me to feel a bit stronger for the days ahead so y’all can see in future updates that I will have a smile on my face for all of you. ❤

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