52 Weeks of Color – Sienna

Ok first off,  I messed up the blog page, *sigh*, when I changed the theme (hangs head in shame).  Please forgive us our appearance while we figure out how to fix what I messed up! LOL. (I’ve kind of always wanted to say that, lol.) Anyhoo…on to my contribution to Luna Jubilee’s 52 Weeks of Color Challenge . This color was daunting, to say the least, when considering that I’m focusing mainly on making my accessories fit the bill.  I actually lucked into my inspiration for this outfit while shopping  for my silver outfit at The Dressing Room.  It all started with a hat……


I stumbled on the hat from [Glow] Studio at The Dressing Room.  I couldn’t believe my luck when I zoomed in on the vendor picture and realized….it was sienna and turquoise..seriously, much chair dancing followed the realization, lol. It’s a seriously adorable hat too, and I have a feeling it’s going to make its way into use quite often. Hair was super easy, too, I reached into my W&Y folder and picked out my favorite sleek short cut, which  conveniently could be colored to a sienna hue..they call it mocha, but it looked pretty sienna-ish to me 🙂 A visit to Dark Mouse netted me the Cascading Beads Necklace and the Wood and Glass Bangles. Zaara provided the Tarika Earrings, and of course my Mandala nails in Orange. Zaara has some absolutely gorgeous jewelry, which is often overlooked in favor of her admittedly fantastic clothes (my favorite jeans come from Zaara).

I’m already working on next week’s challenge color of indigo..that should be fun…oh and a new hair store is open…..so more to follow soon!

Happy Shopping!!

Style credits:


Skin: Baiastice – Pulchra tan #4

Hair: W & Y – Model Hair 25

Hat: [Glow] Studio – Buena Vista Hat TDR special (not sure if its still out)

Nails: MANDALA – Takara nails in Orange

Necklace: Dark Mouse – Cascading Beads Necklace

Bangles: Dark Mouse – Wood and Glass Bangles

Earrings: Zaara – Tarika Earrings Turquoise


Shirt: JANE – drew long sleeved tee in truffle

Vest: Whippet & Buck – Tea Hawks vest VAN CLEEF

4 Responses to “52 Weeks of Color – Sienna”
  1. Luna Jubilee says:

    haha I always mess up something on my blog or ShopaholicFeed.com. I think Express got used to fixing stuff lol

    You look great ❤

  2. Your photo is so adorable!!

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