The Lady of the Forest

     I’m not sure how she does it…..but Kayleigh McMillan of *ByKay*once again scores a win with her newest release, “Lady Forest”.    I think that this set might just be my favorite release so far…though she really does make it hard to choose a favorite, they are always so fantastic. 


“Lady Forest”
Imagine strolling through an enchanted forest and collecting leaves created from  sumptuous gold, and instead of berries, finding the most perfect pearls that glisten in the light.  Smoky topaz stones  stud the ground.  Kayleigh must have visited such a  forest when she created the Lady Forest Set. 

"Lady Forest" by *ByKay*

The set includes necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring, and nails  (with and without the ring). The necklace is made mainly of pearls, ending in a sachet of gold diamond -tipped leaves and pearl berries cascading over a strand of topaz. The same sachet adorns the earrings, while  a gold and silver acorn adorns the large topaz ring.    The bracelet is a wreath of all the elements, leaves, pearls, topaz, circling your wrist. 
This is truly a set that brings to mind the beauty of the autumn season. 

You can find the “Lady Forest” set  (and all of her equally luxurious designs)at the *ByKay* mainstore. 

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