Chop Zuey

Once again I was out exploring, (this time unintentionally) and I stumbled across another new-to- me store that I just had to write up. When I lagged into the small satelite store of Chop Zuey, I was immediately drawn to the bright colors on the vendors (because nothing had rezzed, lol).  As it wasn’t my best SL day, and things were refusing to rez, I grabbed a landmark to the main store and headed back out. A couple days later, I decided to take a trip to the main store and see if what I saw looked as good as I thought it had….and WOW! I was blown away!  Chop Zuey offers couture jewelry…and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. The designs I saw in the store were bold and exciting. Color was everywhere. Trust me, I had a very hard time deciding  on which items to show because I wanted all of them.  When I took my purchases home and tried them on, I was so excited to see that the quality of the textures was just as amazing as the designs of the pieces themselves. The jewelry is sold transferrable to make gift giving easier and the pieces are resizeable thanks to an easy to use resize script. 

Hana Kaido

These are the Hana Kaido earrings.  They do come equipped with a bling script that is easily turned off with a chat command…and even without the bling, these earrings shine and sparkle.

I Am Magdalena

The “I Am Magdalena” set is a part of the Goddess Collection, all of which are simply stunning…I just found myself drawn to the Magdalena set because I am fascinated by the Magdalene.  I love the contrasting colors of the chalcedony and amethyst.

Kita Kamakura and Ling Ling Bracelet

The Kita Kamakura necklace and Ling Ling Bracelet are such stunners.  There are matching earrings as well…I just forgot to pick them up.  Once again, notice the exemplary use of color and texture in these pieces.

So here’s my word of advice.  If you haven’t already visited Chop Zuey and seen what the designer Belle Roussel has created for you…borrow my limo and head over there: Chop Zuey 

Happy Shopping!!!


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