Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??!!??

Go Giants!

Hey Guys! In my introductory post to the blog I get to introduce you to something near and dear to my heart…Championship rings!  With the advent of the SFL, TJake Kearny of Jewelry by Jake, has been fast at work, making something new…rings that any NFL player would be honored to wear.

Championship Ring

These rings are so cool! Not only do  they look great, but they are scripted to root for your team…(and heckle their adversaries), so if your girlfriend isn’t interested in watching the game with you, just wear your ring and you’ll have quite a cheering section for your team!

The rings are adorned with several football shaped diamonds… and are as well made as any of Jake’s regular jewelry.  (Actually, I think this might be Jake’s first foray into men’s jewelry and from this…I can say…we’d love to see some more *hint hint*).  They are also available in black, as seen below.

I don’t know about you guys, but these rings sure do put me in the mood for some football! Get your championship rings at Jake’s main store in Plio: Jewelry by Jake


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