Hair Fair 2010: My picks

The other day I posted about some of the more couture styles available at Hair Fair, today I’m posting about  some of the day casual looks. These are of course the ones that happened to “fall” into my inventory, so you’re really going to have to go see all of what the designers have for you as well. 

On to the hair!

First up is Dernier Cri.  This hair, Camelia, is a free gift and includes all available colors.  I love the bangs and the long layers that beautifully frame the face.

Dernier Cri

Also from Dernier Cri is Taylor, a mid-length full style that is I think, my favorite hair from all of  Hair Fair this year.

Dernier Cri

 This hair is soo cute. You’d have to try it on to see it in motion, but the hair just bounces, especially the springy little curls.  It’s tousled and slightly unruly…but it’s the hair that I always wanted to have in real life, lol.


 Here’s another free gift, this time from Emo-tions.  A super sleek bun with a fedora (I love hat hairs), I’m thinking this hair is going to get a lot of head time from me. 


We know Aoharu has amazing clothing, and with the Annexx line, incredible shoes…but look at the hair!!!! I was totally blown away with this style.  It’s so sexily bohemian.


I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from LoQ Hair.  This hair was no exception, I think it’s just stunning in its simplicity.
So there you have some of my favorites from Hair Fair….what were yours?
Remember you have until the 19th of September to go and find out! Hair Fair limo
The Designers:

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