Hair Fair 2010: The Unusual and the Couture

Hair Fair 2010 is here!!!! I wait all year for Hair Fair, waiting with bated breath to see the styles that our favorite hair designers have come up with.  This year’s Hair Fair runs until September 19th, so time is running out to get in and explore the four sims of  hair…the extreme and the everyday. 
     I personally tend to adore the extreme and kooky styles that can be found.  My friends laugh at me when I proudly show them the newest addition to my odd hair collection.   (I ignore them of course.) Anyways…, this year’s Hair Fair netted me some new kooky and couture styles that I’m going to show here.  Another post will follow with my favorite “everyday” styles.
Unusual first though.

Analog Dog

This is Analog Dog’s Bliss hair, and as soon as I saw it, I had to have it.  The bubbles at the end of each medusa-like tendril add such a mystical  and fantastical touch, it fairly shouted that it needed to be mine. I was already picturing the photos I could take wearing it. 


From Ava-Tare we have the deliciously dark Nova.  Bats, crows , and  a wild tangle of curly locks all combine into a wonderful gothic coiffure.

Curio obscura

This hair makes me LAUGH! It’s another one I just had to have. There are 17 television screens  scattered throughout this monument to excess, and each screen will display a friend’s profile picture when they touch it.  This is of course the Telly Tower hair. 

Sparkle Skye

Sparkle Skye added a bit of asian spice to the couture styles at Hair Fair.  Above , I’m wearing Princess Mui with the deluxe headpiece. 

Sparkle Skye

This is Sparkle Skye’s Jade, another gorgeous tower of asian influence.  Lastly from Sparkle, is the Sayuri, adorned with beautiful blossoms.

Sparkle Skye


For the hairbase attachment aficionados, Miamai offers the queenly Donna updo.
These are just some of the treasures available right now at the hair fair.  Go see what else is there! Hurry!!!  Please remember that Hair Fair is also a charity event for Wigs for Kids…..and donate! Hair Fair limo
The designers:
Analog Dog
Curio Obscura
Sparkle Skye

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