Designers United 4

This time around the group of designers participating in the Designers United Challenge have based their creations on the story of Echo and Narcissus.  For those that don’t know the story, here it is: 
Once upon a time, there was a boy called Narcissus. He was the son of a god and he was very, very handsome. Many women fell in love with him, but he turned them away. One of the women who loved Narcissus was a nymph called Echo. Echo could not speak properly – she could only repeat what was said to her, so she couldn’t tell Narcissus that she loved him. One day, when Narcissus was walking in the woods with some friends, he became separated from them. He called out “Is anyone here?” Echo replied “Here, Here”. Echo stepped forward with open arms, wanting to cuddle him. But Narcissus refused to accept Echo’s love. Echo was so upset that she left and hid in a cave, until nothing was left of her, except her voice.
The Maiden, a goddess, found out about this, and she was very angry. She made Narcissus fall in love with himself. When Narcissus looked at his reflection in a pond one day, he fell in love. He stayed on that spot forever, until he died one day. Where he died a flower grew, and that flower is called a Narcissus.
In true Attach this… fashion, I’m only going to show some of the awesome accessories available at Designers United 4, but there are soooo many goodies there it’s well worth the trip. You’ll find poses, skins, clothing, and of course some of the accessories I’m about to show you.
Narcissus Necklace: =IZUMIYA=Main store
hair : Pure Beauty – LoQ Hairs
Face tattoo: JM:Mai Skin_DU narcissus tattoo – JM:Mai (viewer 2.0 compatible necessary)
Necklace: Aminia necklace for DU4 – LaGyo (includes a shorter version as well)

Shoes: Narcissus Shoes : [Glow] (sold in a fatpack of all 4 pairs..yay!!!)
These are just a small taste of what all the amazing participating designers have created from just the suggestion of a theme…it just goes to prove that our imagination in Second Life is limitless.  Bear in mind, Designers United is ony around for this week so hurry up and get there. Here’s your ride: Designers United 4

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