Hats? Did someone say Hats????

Couture hats.  We’ve seen them included in outfits yet there aren’t all that many places that offer them as a stand alone  accessory in Second Life.  Former MVW contender Chirzaka Vlodovic has decided to rectify that situation with her  new label : LODE.  She is creating couture hats that will complement  and not detract from an overall look…quite stylishly. Here’s a couple examples of what she has to offer us.

Purple Roses

 This Purple Roses hat is just sooo french to me….almost a beret, it perches jauntily on a sleek updo…and I adore that it perfectly matches one of my all-time favorite gowns from Orage..Blue Roses.


The Lime hat is wearable artwork! I can’t wait for the chance to wear this one on the runway.

This last hat, Lola, is actually a gift in the store. It’s so pretty and ruffly, it reminds me of a cake .  

Head over to LODE , which is housed within  auTre’s store, and see the other confections of fashion that Chirzaka has created…and make sure you hit the subscribo to stay informed on new releases too!  I think these hats are going to win this fashion season!

One Response to “Hats? Did someone say Hats????”
  1. Tommy says:

    reminds me of a Cake too 🙂

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