Introducing Breezes from Jewelry by Jake

  So my good friend, TJake Kearny, did it again.  He has this horrible talent (not!) for creating jewelry that I absolutely have to have.  His newest collection to hit the grid is titled “Breezes” and he made something to go along with it that his group members have been begging him for ……rings!  We always expect high quality from Jake and his newest release doesnt disappoint.
I’m wearing the Pink Diamond Collection ( a little bird might have mentioned there are more colors to come).  The set includes two bracelets, a necklace, and earrings. The rings are sold separately in several colors. There’s also a special feature that has been added to this release…but I’ll let you discover what it is on your own ;D
You’ll find “Breezes” and all of Jake’s other fabulous designs at his main store in  Plio.
One Response to “Introducing Breezes from Jewelry by Jake”
  1. Katina Magic says:

    Jake does it again, of course I am dying for the new colors. Great post Jasmine :).

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