All Ganked Up

I absolutely adore when I find something unexpectedly, so it was a delight to discover this new to me little out-of-the-way place on a random midnight mania teleport. I am one of those firm believers in if you are going to give away a freebie, let it represent your work’s quality.
Well Misti Merryman of Ganked Jewelry has done that and more…

This set is named Flutter (for the delicate fluttering of the feathers surrounding the big bold stones) in Blue. It grabs its colors from the sea with big bold gems that sparkle with an inner fire that’s hard to capture in a picture.

Even from  a distance this set makes a definite statement for the woman daring enough to wear it and close up the detail is flawless. The set is complete with necklace, earrings, and two bracelets.

This set also comes in Rose.

This is only the beginning of the great offerings at Ganked and you should be sure to stop in and find what other treasures await you here.

Be sure to watch this spot as I spotlight some of the things I couldn’t leave the store without, yep I admit it I’ve been “Ganked”. 🙂

2 Responses to “All Ganked Up”
  1. jasminenight says:

    I soo love this set! Great post!

  2. Caffinelover says:

    well me and you both must have been on the same outing for midnight mania because i also have that set, and it is lovely:0

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